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Self Sovereign Identity Centralized Identity under user control

(Only spanish version) Digital services have forced us to live surrounded by credentials. Their mismanagement by users or providers represents a danger to our privacy and can be very costly to store them. We continue to delve into a new technology focused on solving this: Self Sovereign Identity.


Your Digital Footprint: How Algorithms Perceive You

A different intervention than usual, in which privacy and identity are discussed as two sides of the same coin. This talk highlights the balance we must strike between the digital services we consume and the consequences of surrendering our data to them.

Construyendo tu aplicación passwordless

After the las post about passwordless, we continue working in this technology line about FIDO2, a standard that allows build a web application compatible with the mayority of the browsers and authenticate us througth a dactilar sensor in our smartphone or laptop.


Passwordless: The passwords end

Passwords are not a guaranty of security. Althougth, there is not a definitive method in the user or services authentication, passwordless is another step in order to improve security and usability. Are we in the start of the end of password authentication?


Self Sovereign Identity Identidad centralizada bajo el control del usuario

We live surrounded by hundreds of credentials. A bad management, by users or providers, is a risk for our privacy and keeping them safe suppose a big cost.

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