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I always wanted to share my interests following my own way and other blog platforms can't provide me that. I can do the same using Wordpress, Google Sites or whatever but... It's not enought, I need freedom to create and share my knowledge and experiences in the way I want each time. Today, I am writting this introduction but maybe tomorrow I will prefer to create a secret konami code or stream a podcast. This is my digital house and It will follow my rules, expect anything, expect everything.

I am always willing to start new projects, these are the last ones. As you can see, the topics of the projects are always different. I love to discover new technologies and I tend to start projects related to my interests: Security, Privacy, 3D printing and electronics. You can look here to see all the projects.


Software that helps end user to protect his privacy aginst shoulder surfing.

Open Source


A practical workshop to learn how to use AR in Security.

Sec. Workshop

V. de Guerra

A custom web page made for a D&D campaign inspired in Warcraft.

Prof. Services


Learn to create a mobile phone from scratch using a Raspberry Pi.



The second version of my personal site using GatsbyJS. You are in it.

Open Source


Guide about how to create and post-process a functional cryptex.

3D Printing

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Here you should find some interesting topics about security. I love that point when the software touch the physical world, so, you should expect finding here some interesting hardware projects (or that’s my hope). Right now, the web is under construction so let’s cross our fingers in order to see this site working safe and sound.

[CON] Digital self-defense: microphone jammers

(Only spanish version) During the pandemic there wasnt much energy to do projects and research, but JASyP 2022 has been another call to arms and getting back into the swing of things. This time, Im bringing a mic jammer.

Privacy in machine learning: a concept now more formal and tangible

(Only spanish version) Data processing involves a myriad of problems, mostly in the processing phase. In this post we will talk about the solutions offered by cryptography.

Renovating my internal network

(Only spanish version) A week ago I renewed my home network, here I tell you how to configure a mesh router, the topology I used for my internal network and a very cool service I found, NextDNS.

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