Somethimes I appear in the media as an invited expert, speaker or even as a reference when some of my personal projects catch the attention of someone. I think that is important to record these little moments when someone is considered as an expert and their contributions are valuable enought to be share in the media.

24H24L Talks GNU/Linux Security

We are back with a new talk whose main topic will be security in GNU/Linux, we talk about security in operating systems, free software, how to learn security, how to keep Linux secure and much more.

24H24L Cybersecurity and Coding

Audio for the event 24H24L programming edition on security programming where various techniques and experience of the guests are told.

The young people of Castilla y León who only know governments of the PP

Young people are aware that they are a minority in Castilla y León and that is why many of the messages from political leaders are not focused on them.

Threats to free life

Cyber espionage has become a clandestine weapon: although the manufacturer of the Pegasus program claims that it is sold to monitor criminals and terrorists, journalists, human rights activists and officials alike have ended up being targeted by this software.

Podcast | Post Apocalipsis Nau 46 Maker community and Digital Diogenes

We interview Coke, active maker community member who comes here to talk about his free hardware and software inventions. Aurora will talk about Digital Diogenes syndrome.

Maker community get organized and respond to covid19

3D printing has an enormous potential in emergency cases, organized groups of voluntiers can help. But, it is needed a syncronization with the public organisms of healthcare.

Progress or regress?

Security mechanismn or privacy invasion? The increasing smart camera use in the streets is causing a policial state in EE.UU. This put in danger human rights.

FreePhone is a DIY smartphone that you can make using a Raspberry Pi

This is FreePhone, a project developed by two cybersecurity spanish experts that have published their work in order to let anyone make their own DIY smartphone.

Establishing covert communication channels by abusing GSM AT commands

Security research often starts as a hobby project, and Alfonso Muñoz’s and Jorge Cuadrado’s probe into mobile privacy is no exception. The duo, who’s scheduled to reveal the results of their research at the Hack in the Box Conference in Amsterdam next week, ended up finding a way to establishing covert communication channels over GSM by abusing GSM AT commands.