Profesional Services

Right now I'm working in BBVA Next Technologies as a Cybersecuirty Researcher but time to time I get hired as a freelancer for small and medium projects. I have a strong background in security technologies and I have experience working in web and mobile development. If you are interested in hire me as a freelance don't doubt to contact me, right now I'm open to new commissions. Here you can find my profesional profile and usual cost-per-service list.


I have been developing web pages for 6 years now as a freelance and also as a consultant in some of my previous jobs. I have a strong knowledge about design, front-end and backend development. I wouldn't consider myself as a full-stack developer but I know enought technologies to develop a wide range of projects with the highest level of quality.


Four years working in a security laboratory and a Master Degree in Cybersecurity gives me a deep understanding of security auditing metodologies and technologies. Security consulting, risk assenssments or ethical hacking are some of the services I offer regularly.


I think a good professional shoul know how to transfer his knowledge. I like give talks and workshops in conferences, also I had the opportunity to teach about security in the university of valladolid. Are you interested in receive a formation in any of the toppics of this web page, security awareness or innovation?


Native or multiplatform applications, always with a cybersecurity and usability focus. If you have some task that you think is possible to perform from your mobile or tablet, It is probably truth. This is the right start point for digital transformation in shops or small companies.


After 5 years 3D printing I'm willing to accept commissions. I have experience printing in ABS, PLA, FLEX, WOOD, PETG and RESIN. 3D printing gives you the possibility of bring your design to the physical wold. Unique bussiness image and decorations, costplay items or collectable figurines are some of the infinite options.

You can check all my professional career and experience through LinkedIn, GitHub and Twitter. All the links are in the footer of this page. Feel free to ask me if you have any commission, doubt or request.