[CON] ¿Qué hay detrás de los mayordomos virtuales?

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Last Saturday, I was invited to talk about privacy in the x1RedMásSegura congress. This event aims to teach about the dangerous part of the internet and how to prevent the risks of surfing the net. This days are not aim to teach professionals how to use a complex technique or how to create a bombproof infrastructure, x1RedMásSegura wants to teach non technical people how to use the internet correctly and in a safe way independently of their technical skills. There are two tracks, one for adults and another one for children.

x1redmassegura banner

This time, I was asked to give a talk to children. I couldn't be more proud and at the same time afraid of teaching children about something as important as privacy, so, I took it as a challenge. I can anticipate that talking to children is completely different from talking to adults (OK, not a big spoiler).

Congratulations to all the people behind x1RedMásSegura and thank for all that great work they have made for 7 years. Special thanks to @IvanAgenteTutor who trusted in me for this talk.

What I talked about?

The talk deals about privacy and why it should matters to us. I tried to expose the problems of a lack of privacy and why it is difficult to realize when the problems comes from a bad use of our data. The other main point of the presentation explains what are the risks of the new technologies like the voice assistants and how to deal with them.

This talk is a remake of the last one I gave in JASyP conferences. Since the talk is for kids, I removed some complex technical details, I extended the context about what is privacy about and its importance, I changed the real cases about privacy leaks to another ones about social networks and console games and finally I changed the aesthetics of the presentation.

First slide

My main concern was keeping kids attention during the talk. I rebuilt the aesthetics of the slides using Lego Films images and GIFs along the presentation.

The talk presents Alfred, the butler of Batman. Alfred is like a voice assistant, Batman asks him for doing something and He will perform the actions requested. Using Alfred as a metaphor, the presentation deals with topics like privacy, secrets, information leaks or smart voice assistants.

Alfred slide

The Slides

If you want to see more about the presentation, I encourage you to take a look on the slides of the talk.

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