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[CON] TizonaConf: Cybersecurity in industrial environments

Day by day I’m getting used to going CONS on the weekends and the ones I like the most are the ones where I can feel a friendship mood surrounding the place and where people are open to talk, hangout and share.


Self Sovereign Identity: Extended version

After the talk about SSID in @esLibre_, there was people asking for more. This talk doubles the slides of the last one and expand the SSID concept. Here, I talk about formative resources and the market´s momentum.

Análisis de seguridad de asistentes virtuales

Tizona addresses the issue of cybersecurity in industrial environments. Following my usual topics, I talked about smart assistants. Right now this kind of devices are not present in this kind of places, but it isn’t uncommon thinking about a near future where people are using this type of interfaces in order to manage complex tasks in the industry.

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