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Self Sovereign Identity Centralized Identity under user control

(Only spanish version) Digital services have forced us to live surrounded by credentials. Their mismanagement by users or providers represents a danger to our privacy and can be very costly to store them. We continue to delve into a new technology focused on solving this: Self Sovereign Identity.


Self Sovereign Identity: Extended version

After the talk about SSID in @esLibre_, there was people asking for more. This talk doubles the slides of the last one and expand the SSID concept. Here, I talk about formative resources and the market´s momentum.

Self Sovereign Identity, identity under people´s control

This year, @inter_ferencias couldn´t celebrate its event, but the managed to stream the talks thanks to @esLibre_ congress in their own track. In this conference, I speak about SSID, a technology that gives users the possibility to store and manage their personal information in third party services.

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